Home is where the tee is!

Congratulations!  You have already taken the first step towards a great COURSE!


At WILDAPPLE our business is about better courses!
We are looking for opportunities to provide the disc golf public with better courses.
Professional course design results in a superior experience for the player.
The Wildapple course is my home workshop. You are invited to sample the fruits of my years of labor.
I will bring all these skills and more to your propertyt in order to develop the best possible course for you.

BUT REALLY , I JUST STARTED BUILDING THIS SITE!  Let me explain. I threw up a quick site here, but I am working on a complete facelift to something that makes sense. It is a little goofy looking, but the essential  information is here. Please go to TnTDiscs.com (my other site) for a somewhat more developed site with much of the same information

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